Tiger Kloof was founded by the London Missionary Society in 1904 and that body oversaw the running and development of the school until 1956, when it pulled out, unable to reconcile its aims and objectives with the infamous Bantu Education Act of 1955, which prohibited black children from receiving an academic education.

When the school was re-established it was done so as a non-denominational Christian school and it will not take the visitor long to realise that the Christian faith is central to the life of the school. On a Wednesday the senior pupils meet for a service in chapel and the boarders also have a service on a Sunday evening, which is led by the students themselves. Throughout the week there is a prayer group that meets every day and there are also Bible studies. Many of the students and the staff take the spiritual life of the school very seriously.

We are blessed with a wonderful chapel, which would be the envy of any school in the world. It is a popular venue for local weddings too and can be hired through the school office.

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